Thursday, January 1, 2009

Facts about spring water and spring water delivery

spring water

Statistics and facts say…

People have always been concerned about their health. They’ve asked the same eternal question: How to be healthy and stay young for a long time? Obviously, it’s not medicine that will always maintain your health level. There is well-known a proverb “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”. I would like to make up my own proverb that sounds like “A glass of water a day keeps illnesses away” and more likely it’ll be true. Because according to the statistics:

  • a human body consists of 70-80% of water
  • about 1,5 million deaths from diarrhea are caused by a lack of water supply
  • about 1 billion people over the world drink unhealthy water
  • polluted drinking water leads to 5 million deaths a year

The benefits of drinking spring water 

However, it’s not tap water that preserves you from various illnesses. Tap water is full of harmful chemical containments (benzene, lead), bacteria (viruses, parasites, bacteria) and hazardous materials while spring water is absolutely clean and pure. What is spring water? Spring water is water that naturally flows on the surface and can be collected in a spring. Spring water does not contain any bacteria and chemicals that why it’s very tasty in comparison with tap water. What would you prefer – clean, healthy and tasty water or dirty, contaminated water with some strange touch of iron? Moreover, spring water is full of the Earth energy and it’s been reported by doctors that people who drink spring water feel more cheerful and energetic, therefore they are more successful.

Unfortunately, not everyone has an opportunity to go out of town to get spring water, unless he lives nearby a spring. There goes bottled spring water it's always convenient to take spring bottled water along to the beach, gym, school or office. If you travel by train, plane or car, don’t forget to take bottled spring water with you. Keep in mind that a human has to drink up to six liters a day for normal biological processes. There are also companies that provide you with spring water home delivery. That means that you will have a constant bottled spring water supply. Spring water delivery is in great demand. Bottled spring water will be sent right to your home for some period of time. Actually spring water home delivery is good for busy people, who are too short of time to go to the store and buy bottled spring themselves. So to sum everything up,

  • spring water is good for your health
  • spring water is clean unlike tap water
  • spring water delivery is convenient
  • spring water delivery is a great service for business people


spring water


In the first picture you can see my dad and his friend collecting water from a spring in the area of the Ural mountains, Russia

In the second picture it's shown how spring water is naturally filtrated in the ground. After such filtration it's absolutely pure and clean. You do not have to boil it. Well, if you want to, you may do it, but it's not dangerous to drink it right from a spring.


Katuksa said...

Personally i have tried spring water and i even collected it myself. I assure you that spring water is MUCH tastier than tap water and you feel great after drinking a glass of it. Have you ever tried spring water and do you drink spring bottled water?

Ian said...

Should it not be boiled first? Just in case?

Katuksa said...

Look at the second picture in the article.

Anonymous said...

If you are drinking it during a nice hike and in an outdoor setting, of course it will "taste good." Hello placebo effect and influence of environment.

carlos said...

6 liters of water a day? you will explode! LOL