Sunday, December 21, 2008

Water filtration systems: whole house water filters

We drink water every single day. For normal biological work a human should drink from 1 to six 6 liters a day. The question is how much pure water he drinks. According to the World Health Organization’s statistics around 5 million deaths a year are caused by polluted drinking water. There’s a solution to this issue - buying whole house water filters. Whole house filters are water filtration systems connected to the main water line in your house. So whenever the water is – toilets, kitchen, showers, laundry, baths – it’s always purified. There are different kinds of house water filters:

  • water filtration systems used for removing hardness minerals undesired chemicals and sediment (sand, debris, dust etc.);
  • house water filters for absorbing chlorine and making water taste and smell good;
  • whole house filters for reducing some chemical containments like manganese, iron, and
  • hydrogen sulfide;
  • house water filters for disinfecting water (removing bacteria);

Whole house water filters range from the cheapest ones up to those of $5,000 and higher. They can be purchased online or in traditional shops. Top 5 whole house filters are:

  • Aquasana® Rhino® EQ-300;
  • EcoWater;
  • Life Source®;
  • S.K.W. 2060F;
  • Wellness® MG.

New house water filters need two or three run-throughs in order to clean out any carbon fines from the cartridge. Besides, make sure you change the cartridge every 6 months.

If you drink purified water every day you maintain your general health level and avoid drinking harmful chemical containments.


Anonymous said...

I don't have whole house filtration, but in my refridgerator we have a filter which we use for drinking water only.

Katuksa said...

I don't have one either, but i also have an ordinary water filter and i use it everyday. To my opinion, it's really dangerous to drink tap water since there are lots of chemicals. As long as you care about your health, you'd better drink purified water.

Ian said...

Do you think filtered tap water is better than bottled water or not?

Katuksa said...

Although filtered tap water contains less chemicals, I guess bottled water or bottled spring water is still better than just filtered tap water. Because they use special equipment to purify and disinfect water. Perhaps, i'm mistaken. What's your opinion?

Sammy said...

well, i know little about that system. my dad used to work in a water filtration company and we are using a water filtration system too. something /reverse osmosis system. it is little bit much expensive but the ones my dad sell, are using the tecnology of nasa. the same refining system which they clean their excretion and then drink :) well. i joined a couple of seminar about Water filtration systems. the company managers took a half glass of water, poured some ink, and some deterjent into water and then cleaned it with the water osmosis system and then they testet it. %100 clean. then they drunk it ofcourse. bla bla. thanks for that great blog Katuksa. good work

softphone123 said...

i was agree with your post i am also using filter machine for filter our drinking water and whole family was safe from disease .

Andreia said...

too many people concerned about what kind of water they are drinking..maybe I am lucky and I live in a country where tap water is actually very good...otherwise I think the more we try to purify, desinfect, sterilize, the more we are susceptible to every single bug and chemical and thus became weaker and sicker. after all, 100 years ago there weren't so many chemicals everywhere, but life expectancy was a lot shorter! and also, what are vacines? but a minute amount of the same bug that would kill us if our system wasn't already used to it, and had an appropriate response.

Katuksa said...

Andreia, i totally agree that tap water quality depends on the country or even the region you live in. I'm from Russia and in my native town tap water tastes really good, but in Saint-Petersburg it's disgusting, so you have no choice but purify the water or drink bottled water.