Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bottled spring water influences your health

spring water There are 9 main reasons why it's healthy to drink bottled spring water:

1. Weight loss. Bottled spring water is one of the best ways to lose weight, because very often we prefer to drink soda, alcohol and coke that are high-calorie instead of purified water or spring bottled water. Besides, water suppresses the feeling of hunger. Quite often we happen to think we’re hungry, but we’re just thirsty.

2. Healthy heart. Usage of spring bottled water reduces a probability of getting a heart attack. Six year researches have shown that those people who drink about six glasses of bottled spring water a day are 40% less likely to get a heart attack, then those who drink 2 glasses of water.

3. Energy. Even a moderate dehydration can make you feel weak and tired. If you want to drink that means you are already dehydrated, which can lead to muscular tiredness. Bottled spring makes you feel cheerful and full of energy.

4. Medicine for headache. When having a headache there is a great medicine – a glass of bottled spring water. Firstly, you will get a water supply. Secondly it will cure your headache, since quite often a lack of water supply causes a headache.

5. Elastic and healthy skin. In fact, it’s not that soon that you’ll notice the difference. But if you get into the habit of drinking bottled spring water every day, the difference will be noticeable in a while.

6. Poor digestion. A human’s digestive system needs a lot of water for flawless work. Bottled spring water is also good for those people who suffer from high stomach acidity.

7. Toxins. Doctors advise to consume more purified or bottled spring water to get rid of harmful substances and toxins in your organism.

8. Cancer. People drinking more water are 45% less likely to get a cancer of the digestive tract, than those who drink little water. Besides, the risk of getting a cancer of urinary bladder and mammary gland reduces at 50%.

9. Sports. Dehydration can become a significant obstacle for doing sports. Because of the general tiredness you may be unable to manage the workload, which is likely to lead to injuries. A glass of bottled spring water before your training is just what the doctor ordered.

What’s the difference between smart and very smart people?

Smart Very Smart
Find a way out of any situation Try to avoid the occurrence of such situation
Purify water with all possible ways Don’t pollute water
Use water filters Drink natural spring water containing all needed elements
Use all possible medicine for treatment Don’t let any illness to come over them. Lead a healthy life-style, eat natural foods, drink spring water


Katuksa said...

I've been asked recently in what category i am: smart or very smart people =) It's hard to answer. I drink both natural spring water and bottled spring water. I live in a big city and i don't have any opportunity to collect natural spring water.

Anastacia said...

I would like to say THANK YOU to the author of this blog!It is really very interesting and informative!!!Good job!

Anonymous said...

It's really interesting) I have a will to change my lifestyle)