Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter around the world

Hello, privet, hola, ni hao! I’m back to my blog finally, and it’s winter now. Yes, the winter season is over the world, but not everywhere will you find snow :) I’d love to dedicate this article to winter and the winter nature. At that time of year the nature changes completely. Whatever you say, winter has some hidden mystery. Probably the nature falls asleep and it’s not that lively, probably the snow charms with its purity :) Here are some nice winter pictures. I really love them, hope you will too.

The northern lights in Alaska. It’s a spectacular scene. No wonder lots of tourists are rushing to Alaska each year in order to watch the beauty and more than that have fun skiing, walking.

The Canadian winter nature is something that you should see with your own eyes. Snow-covered pine-trees and snow-clad mountains.

That’s a Russian winter picture that I took myself in the nearby park.

Winter in Algeria! No comment :-)

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