Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making the environment cleaner can be fun

The Fun Theory–The deepest rubbish bin


A world wide known car company Volkswagen created a great way of stimulating people to change their behavior or habits for the better, and they call it The Fun Theory. Any person can make up a fun theory and a group of specialists will bring this idea to life. In the video placed above you can see a great example of how throwing litter in a rubbish bin can be fun, and make people smile. You can see a guy who threw away his own litter, then picked up some other nearby the bin and also threw it away. Would he do that if not for this cool “falling into depth” sound? I don’t think so. So the point is – people like fun stuff and it doesn’t matter whether it’s about throwing litter into a bin or walking up “piano” stairs.

I’m really happy there are people who invent such fun and attractive things, and it somehow changes people’s behavior for the better.

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