Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to lose weight or dieting madmen

crash-dietingLosing weight becomes an obsessive idea for many people. Thinking of slimming down goes along with many of us every single day. We keep to diets and feel guilty after eating a piece of cake, if not to say we hate ourselves at this moment, and give a regular promise - not to break our own “rule” again. However, you can’t go against our innate sweet tooth, which means you’ll break the rule again sooner or later. It becomes a real struggle, a physical struggle as well as psychological. It becomes some kind of madness or illness that follows you every day, every minute, and anywhere.

Clearly, eating a lot of sweets does affect our body. Besides, it’s not healthy to consume a lot of sugar. However, the obsession doesn’t end with sweets. Even such foods as bread, potatoes and bananas become a taboo. Those foods that have always considered the staff of live are now rejected by you. Why? Because we believe they’ll make us fat. Thus, we switch to eggs and bacon in order to have a more attractive body and as a result become unhealthier. Our body requires certain amount of nutrients for normal functioning every day. The restriction leads to a breakdown in the metabolism, which affects our well being, our mood, and our emotional condition.

At the same time, overeating is not a way to become healthier, either. Overeating, somehow, gives you a feeling of apathy. You become lazy and emotionally empty. Many people eat a lot just to mask their stress and depression, instead of trying to get rid of them. So, trying to help yourself out of depression with large quantities of food leads to nowhere.

Moreover, I want to remind you of a great job that media and TV do in order to make you feel less attractive and less confident. Dieting books, magazines, manuals, TV programs – all that gives you an idea that there’s something wrong with your look and it’s time to make changes. Everything is accompanied with pictures of ideal bodies and served to you. Often it’s not us who are overweight, but media that make us believe so. Then, we buy books or pharmaceuticals to lose weight and that’s how weight loss marketers get capitalized.

Is there any solution to the problem? Yes, there is. Keep in mind that no medicine can affect your look, but you. You are the one who controls your own life and eating habits, of course. You should learn to know where the limit is and to feel when you are full. You can try practicing yoga or apply other practics that will help you learn to rely on your own instincts. You will eat less but with a real pleasure which is usually forgotten.

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