Thursday, April 2, 2009

The future of solar energy

solar panel The future of solar energy as of an alternative energy is supposed to be very promising. Solar energy is on the list of renewable sources of energy along with tidal power, wave power, wind power and hydro power. However hydro energy can only be generated at hydropower plants, while solar energy can be received by a human with the help of special solar panels that are settled on roof tops. That’s why we say that the future of solar energy is bright. You don’t need to live near an ocean and have a hydropower plant nearby. All you need is solar panels and a roof.

Many people are mistaken about how those panels work. They believe that those solar panels convert the light of the sun into energy. However, solar thermal works in a different way. It mainly converts the heat of the sun with the solar radiation into solar energy.

The future of solar energy is connected with the future of our environment. Usage of solar energy does not pollute the environment, it’s absolutely harmless. There is another huge advantage of solar energy – it is much cheaper. The time when most houses will be heat or cooled with solar energy, and when you’ll prefer using solar energy to heat the water will finally come.


Wilson D. Hernández V. said...

After reading it, I could see a good way for helping our planet and also you get many people to think outside the box. well done!

QualityPoint said...

I know solar is very interesting topic to learn.Its nice.As of now, solar power and solar related devices are expensive. But it may be reduced if most of the people start using it. Let us see the future of solar power.