Thursday, October 9, 2008

We are sick of ecology!

You certainly know why people leave their cities for some health centers settled in places with clean environment, pure water, and healthy air. It’s no wonder that living in cities and megalopolises we expose our health to various diseases caused by bad ecology. We are more likely to catch some illness then people living somewhere in the country, away from plants and streams of cars.

One of the health problems is intolerant reactions to foods and drinks. Doctors are still not sure whether these reactions can be called allergies, but the symptoms are very much alike. They call it ecological illness that caused by chemical or food sensitivity.

Doctors are not sure about the causes of the Ecological illness either. A few ecologically sick people were interviewed and they suppose the causes might be: fast foods, artificially-preserved foods, pre-packed and frozen foods; various drugs and medication taken daily and of course pollution of the environment with such harmful chemicals as fertilizers, hydrocarbons and insecticides.

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