Monday, April 23, 2007

Whaling today, join the Greenpeace.

The long striking period of whaling has finished. This year about 505 whales were caught and some were endangered. Whalers have plans for the next seasons and claim that they’ll be back to try to find 935 minke whales, 50 endangered fin whales and 50 threatened humpback whales.

The whaling highlighted the risks of the Japanese government's whaling program to the Antarctic environment, and their ship crew. International outrage at Japan's unilateral hunt in an agreed whale sanctuary remains high.

No doubt, questions about the wisdom of the government's whaling program are much spoken. The hunt doesn’t bring the authority to Japan and damages the trust of other countries. People can help by taking an action and being against whaling.

Grenpeace news, read more

The International Whaling Commission, world's authoritative body on whaling, will soon decide the fate of whales. It believes that Greece that is not yet a member of the IWC should join the organization in order to be on the meet of IWC in Alaska on May 31st.

The vote of each person is very important for encouraging Greece to team up with the IWC. You can start campaigning right now. Download the message to the Greek Government. You can print it and take a picture of yourself holding the paper or the easier way is just to open one graphics editor and unite your picture and the message, so you don’t need to take a picture (I did it this way) and post a comment with your picture. Go here to act right now.

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